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When was the last time you realized as an antique collector, dealer, or re-designer, how many things you recycle? From store bags, boxes & packaging material to re-purposing an old piece and giving it a terrific new function, antique people and collectors are the ultimate recylers because we actually LOOK for old and used things to give them a new life.

The 'treasure hunt' if you will, of the antique recycler seems to be inborn. The hunt rarely gets old and the thrill of the find keeps the adrenalin flowing.

I wouldn't trade the hobby of collecting for any other. Not only is it a joy, it serves a very important and constructive purpose to society. A rescue of a relic from certain demise in the landfill, preserves important articles of history, makes use of something already on the planet, and provides creative fodder for the re-designer. The same holds true for those who need old materials to repair these old pieces.

Antique recycling is the business I'm in and I'm proud of it! How about you?

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Cloth was Precious

Cloth was Precious
....and scraps became works of art

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I am an antique collector, dealer and decorating enthusiast that has a double space antique booth called Vintage Touch at the Antique Crossroads antique mall in Hagerstown, MD. I also have an eCrater vintage online store at: . I enjoy my antique collections, decorating, making videos for my YouTube antique channel , selling, as well as blogging about antiques.  You are invited to visit my web page at:

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